What the Museum of Failure Can Tell Us

We tend to imagine that the only stories worth telling are ones of success or that have “happy endings”, but that really isn’t true. Your family wants to hear all your stories, regardless of the focus or outcome. Your stories are their history, and there is evidence that hearing tales of hardship and even failure can actually be beneficial. Children who know that their parents or grandparents made it through difficult times may be more likely to weather their own challenges in better emotional shape. Even people who are not related to you can take heart knowing that someone else made it through a troublesome period, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

Medium, an online magazine of ideas, insight, and storytellers, introduces us to Sweden’s Museum of Failure, a place that highlights the incredible risks that innovators take. Think about times when you tried something and failed. If you didn’t learn anything from that experience back then, what do you think you could learn if you had that experience now?